During my weekend YouTube video searches, I stumbled upon a gem. This was a diamond in the rough in the comedy genre. I had never heard the name Brent Morin before. Now, I don't think I'll ever forget it.

It was pure luck and happenstance that this video (shown above) made its way on to my computer. After watching a few other random, short, stand-up routines from various comedians, I saw the title: "Embarrassing Yourself in Front of Bradley Cooper - Brent Morin", and thought, this sounds promising, so I gave it a go.

For a video that was under five minutes long, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Less than a minute into Brent's routine and I was already in tears from laughter. I literally had to pause the video, as not to miss the next punchline.

Since he impressed me so much (which is hard to do for a comic, at least with my judgy self), I went and found him on Twitter and immediately started following him. I can't wait to watch more of his stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything he does is this hilarious.

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