Britney Spears sings about working (b---h) if you want a Bugatti, a Maserati and a hot body in her latest single 'Work Bitch.'

Since the video landed, fans and haters have questioned if Brit actually worked to get that figure or if she had digital work done in the post-production phase.

HOAX Films, the digital effects company hired to work on the clip, released raw images from the video, which displayed a curvier Brit than we see in the video.

Now, by no means is Brit Brit fat or out of shape in those images -- like not even close.

But she's not nearly as cut as the video depicts. That appears to be the work of some creative editing, which happens all the time in the entertainment business. Nothing is quite as it seems.

HOAX was hired to do "cleanup work" and more on the clip. It stirred online chatter and had Brit-a-holics wondering if shaping and trimming Brit's body was part of that process.

The questionable shots that HOAX initially posted were taken down, but you can see them here.

Yes, there is a bit of difference, but it's not like night and day. And at least it's digital editing, not Brit Brit going under the knife and getting plastic surgery.