A trio of Sin City hotels are currently having a bidding war over who will get Britney Spears and her fleet of babysitters (minus one) to take up musical residence on the Las Vegas strip.

Caesars Palace and two other unknown hotels are currently trying to land Britney to perform several nights a week a la Celine Dion and rake in lots of money she probably doesn't really need.

No deal has yet to be signed, although rumors are already flying that Brit landed a $200 million contract with Caesars.

"The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it's basically done," claims one source, who says Britney is firming up negotiations. The arrangement might include performing in a big theater a few nights a week, or just showing up at various functions in the hotel's venues.

If Britney chooses one of her three Vegas suitors, insiders say she's set to earn at least $100 million a year. That's more than Celine makes, but maybe some of the astronomical sum is delayed hazard pay from the year Brit just spent with Simon Cowell.