This isn't a joke either, this is totally real!

Advanced Friending Technology (YouTube)

So Budweiser came up with a cup that you connect to your facebook, throughout the night of partying anyone you "Cheers" with will become your Facebook friend. So just make sure your cup doesn't accidentally bump the creepy guy at the bar's cup.

When you go out you usually have your cell phone on you, and if you're like 90% of the population it's probably a smart phone with your Facebook already on it, but instead of having to go through the grueling task of having to correctly spell that persons name, and having to search through numerous profiles to find theirs, Facebook and Budweiser have made it easy for you. Just clink your cups together and BOOM instant friendship.

Don't get me wrong, I do think this is a pretty cool idea, the only problem is alcohol + social media usually isn't the best combination... Like let's be honest here how many times have you or someone you know gotten a little too much alcohol in their system and posted some regrettable statuses on Facebook? It's happened to the best of us. Plus the day after a night out you know you'll be scrolling through your Facebook wondering who the heck all these new people on your news feed are.

Also you will want to be sure to "Buddy Cup" responsibly, because you never know when some creepy dude will force his Buddy Cup on to yours thus causing a horrible friending situation.

In case you were wondering when you will be able to use the Buddy Cup, it will be a while it just was released in Brazil, but they did make an English version of the ad suggesting that it could make it's way here before we know it!

I think Budweiser is definitely onto something! See how the Buddy Cup works in this video! Happy friending!