Burnell Taylor was eliminated on 'American Idol' tonight (April 4), after coming in the bottom of the voting, courtesy of America. Rock n' roll didn't work for him, as he sang Bon Jovi's 'You Give Love a Bad Name' last night (April 3) and it was his downfall.

Taylor, who had one of the most instantly recognizable tones in the competition, sang India.Arie's 'Ready for Love' as his "save" song. Right off the bat, we were thinking that the judges would finally use the sole save of the season to keep Taylor around, since the talent pool is dwindling and we're at the Top 7 and any of the remaining half-dozen plus one is worthy of winning the whole shebang and being crowned the Season 12 winner!

He sang the song to his fellow contestants, who were crying while standing on the stage with him. Who else was crying? Mariah Carey, baby. She loves her some Burnell Taylor. The singer has been making Meemz cry since the day they met, yo!

The judge's panel gave Taylor a standing ovation, making us think that they would activate the save for him. But shockingly, they did not. And yes, Ryan Seacrest did use the word "activate" in reference to the save.

Well, we know that Mimi wasn't the one who said "no" in this case. And with that, we say goodbye to Burnell Taylor, who was easily one of the best of Season 12, which is now down to the Top 6.