Beyonce and Pepsi revealed some surprising tidbits in a behind-the-scenes look at her 'Mirrors' commercial. The ad, set to her Timbaland-produced track 'Grown Woman,' is an examination of Bey's career from past to present.

The clip opens with a timeline photo montage of Queen Bey starting in 2002 and ending in the present day, 2013, to celebrate her past but focus on "beying" here now -- and there's clearly a reason for her longevity. The woman works!

Beyonce revealed that relishing in her past was a moving experience. "It felt so emotional when I was trying on all those costumes from my past," she admitted. "I was surrounded by so much of my history -- especially on the 10th anniversary of 'Crazy in Love!'"

Also revealed in the behind-the-scenes footage? Beyonce had a big hand in the choreography, and the same tank top she wore in the 'Crazy in Love' video is the one she wore in the shoot, as was the sparkly gold 'Run the World' dress.

As for the vibe of the shoot, in her signature honey-toned voice, Bey explained, "It's about being proud of who you were but living in the now and living in the moment. I'm very proud of how far I've gone and who I am now and who I'm surrounded by, so this is really a beautiful concept and makes me proud."