BuzzFeed has done it again. So far this year, they've showed us if guy best friends acted like girl best friends (which was hilarious) and quite a few other role-reversing videos. Maybe that's why I found this one so funny.

As a black man that moved from the more racially diverse area of Michigan, back to Wyoming, it was somewhat of a culture shock. I hadn't lived here in about 20 years and had spent the bulk of my teen to adult years in metropolises. I had braids (see also: cornrows) when I moved back and everyone always wanted to touch my hair... which, by the way is a no-no. But there were several different inappropriate things that were said to me. For instance: "do you know where I can get some weed?" Really? Of course not!!!

Regardless, I took it all in stride. This highly comical video shows a few of the stereotypical things that were said to me... albeit in the opposite spectrum.