There are more and more movies and televisions series that take place in the Cowboy State or at least have portions and/or episodes here. Surprisingly though, not a lot of them are in the horror genre.

Luckily for us, last month (September 15th, 2021), the internet media news company, Buzzfeed, released the "50 Best Horror Movies That's Set In Your State". The winning film for Wyoming was 2001's Joy Ride, which stars the late Paul Walker.

I have only seen the movie once (which I'm sure was right when it first came out on video, so probably almost 20 years now), so that is why I forgot that the majority of the film actually takes place in Wyoming.

This is the perfect choice for a Wyoming horror film. For one, it has a pretty awesome cast. In addition to Paul Walker, it also stars the always hilarious Steve Zahn and the also the beautiful Leelee Sobieski. The truck driving, 18-Wheeler aspect, along with the wide open roads, definitely fits the state motif and it because it's more of psychological thriller than something supernatural, it adds a lot more realistic terror to the horror themes. I remember after watching it, I avoided long highway trips at night for quite some time.

The film also spawned two sequels. So another win for the franchise.

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All that being said, this is one of the best scenes in the film (shown below). I remember thinking the first time I saw Joy Ride, "I can't believe they destroyed so much of that corn field just for this scene". For some odd reason, it stills bothers me.

I was still glad I found this scene on YouTube. What makes it even cooler, is the channel that uploaded it is called Rusty Nail, which in case you've never scene the movie or don't remember, was the CB handle of the movie's antagonist. Well played!

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