We are in the beginning part of December which according to the Space Tourism Guide, is the best time to be looking up to the sky to see some pretty awesome astronomy events.

Everything from close up moons, star clusters, and meteor showers will all be visible from earth throughout the month of December. For some of these, you will have to have a telescope and others all you'll need is a pair of binoculars or rely on those trusty eyes of yours.  The next event that is actually coming up this Friday.

This Friday, December 14th you will be able to see a close-up approach of the moon and Mars. In fact, these two will be within 3.5 degrees of one another and since the moon is in its first quarter they should be rather easy to spot in the southern sky at sundown.

Then again on Sunday night, December 16th you'll be able to see a comet named 46P as it will be soaring across the night sky and will be easily seen with the aid of a telescope. (hard to miss as it will be moving fast and quite bright. Might even be mistaken for a UFO?)

Another one that's worth mentioning on the list would be December 21st called the December solstice. For those of us in the Nothern hemisphere it is our shortest day of the year. Our friends in the south it will be their longest day of the year.

Definitely some cool things happening in the solar system this month. Go out and invest in some binoculars or break out that telescope to see some of these awesome events. Also, keep an eye on the Space Tourism Guide for more stuff throughout 2019.



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