Our galaxy is filled with witches, ghosts, and vampires. Astronomers see them all the time when they turn their telescopes to the stars.

In the video above you will see The Witch Head Nebula. The top looks like a witch's hat, then you can see her forehead followed by her crooked nose, her open mouth and her chin.

Yes, there is a giant witch's head floating in space.

If you enjoyed The Witch Head Nebula then you'll love The Ghost Nebula. This video begins far away as we sneak up on the ghost. Don't want to scare it off. When we get close you'll see what looks like the traditional ghost in a sheet, like the one you expect to find in your attic.

But lets not forget VAMPRIE STARS. These stars are really just big bullies. If they get close enough to a weaker star they will begin to draw from it. Big stars burn themselves out quickly. They need more energy to stay alive. Feeding on a smaller star like a vampire is how they do it.

The universe is a cold, dark and creepy place as it is. Do we really need creatures like this out there?

I actually do prefer it when astronomers name things in this way. When they can't think of fun names we end up with titles like NG2015. Yeah, that's got a ring to it.

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