They maybe fictional comic book characters idolized by some, but they were designed with a background and have their own war stories of sorts.

Beginning Saturday, September 17th,  the Wyoming Veterans Museum will start displaying an exhibit centered on Captain America and The Punisher

Captain America's character was shaped around World War II, while The Punisher's character was shaped around the Vietnam War in his early comic book days, and in either the War In Iraq or Afghanistan in recent reboots.

Johanna Wickman designed the exhibit and is the Assistant Curator of the Museum

She says one purpose of the display, is to show what kind of impact the characters had on soldiers and people, while the actual war was going on.

"What's interesting is that all of these superheros have such distinct personalities and that's really what we're really comparing and contrasting is the personalities and the methods that Captain America would use vs. the Punisher, even though they have such similar backgrounds, both being military soldiers."

The exhibit will be on display at the Museum until December.

This year marks 75 years when the first Captain America comic was released.

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