Live music in Casper is in no way of short supply.  It can be enjoyed almost any given weekend, but there is a catch.  You have to be 21 or older.  All-age music venues are something that are in short supply in Casper.

Live music of all genres enters the ears of those of legal age frequently.  Those under the age of 21 have limited choices when it comes to the experience.  The demand for such a venue exists, although the previous attempts to provide one have seen little success.  The Casper Events Center offers all ages events, but these are few and far between.  Casper has very supportive and responsive concert goers, so it seems natural to want to cater to all types of attendees regardless of age.  The issues that have forced previous venues to close their doors can be learned from.  Music is universal and will always find a way to be heard.

Leave a comment.  What do you think is keeping Casper from having an solid all-age music venue?