Since its inception, the David Street Station has served as a beacon for entertainment in Downtown Casper. It's produced concerts, movie nights, festivals, Christmas celebrations, and so much more.

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Much of the Station's success has come from community support and, now, David Street Station is once again asking for the community's help to vote for them to win the Levitt Foundation AMP Grant Award, which would offer them $90,000 dollars over a three-year period, at $30,000 a year, to put on more free live music concerts in Casper.

"Levitt AMP was a grant that David Street Station had applied for in 2019," said Breya Price, one of the grant writers for DSS. "I was asked to try [to apply] again as one of my first big projects with David Street Station, in hopes to give a new perspective to the application."

So, that's what she did, and David Street Station is now eligible to receive the funds. But they need the community's vote!

"We are really excited for the opportunity," Price stated. "David Street Station has the unique opportunity to continue to put Casper on the map by bringing musicians from across the U.S. to our venue, while also giving our community the chance to experience live music of a higher caliber."

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An explanation of how the David Street Station, and the community as a whole, could benefit from the funds can be read by visiting this website.

Additionally, voters can visit this website to vote for DSS to be awarded the funds. Users can vote multiple times.

"Get on and vote!" Price said. "Share with your friends and family and let's spread the word. Let's rally together so we can bring more fun to Casper."

David Street Station is currently ranked number 6 and votes will be counted until September 21.

"I love that we're able to put on free concerts for the community and I really want to be able to elevate that experience for the people of Casper," Price said.

Individuals can either vote online or they can text the keyword CASPERWY to 866-267-2023.

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