The Casper Cannibal Rugby Team has a new home, a new sponsor in Killian's Irish Stout, and a couple new faces, but their hard hitting approach remains the same in 2013. Last year, I attended my first match, and I've been hooked ever since. I'll admit that it takes a couple times to get the gist of what's going on, but the fans will be more than happy to explain the rules - and you'll figure out the rest as the match goes on. The match's are free, the players are friendly, and the weather should be great.

Single parent looking for a different way to spend time with the kids? Rugby.

Married parent looking for a way to kill a Saturday afternoon with the family? Rugby.

Just looking for some way to support a local team while having fun and drinking beer? Rugby.

The first match of the season, against the Colorado Rush, happens this Saturday at 2pm. All of the Casper Cannibal home match's will be played at 1st street park in Mills. All games are BYOB, but you can also fill up at the Bayou Bar during the after party...which is just as fun -and, oddly enough, competitive - as the actual match.

Support a local team, and have a great time this Saturday afternoon. See you there!