Kelly Clarkson performed at the National Rugby League Grand Final, a major sporting event in Australia with a cultural significance similar to the Super Bowl in the US. During her visit, she also had the opportunity to chat with an Australian radio station about her experience in the land Down Under.

What was the pop singer’s favorite part? …

… The hot rugby players. “Everybody kept telling me the rules,” she joked, “and I was like, ‘Blah, blah blah, hot guys in uniforms.’”

When Clarkson’s around guys she’s interested in — like chiseled athletes — she gets tongue-tied. “All of a sudden I forget how to speak,” the bubbly star admitted.

As the interview progressed, the conversation drifted toward the glamorous dress she wore while performing at the finals. She’d rather wear a more dressed-down everyday style. “I would be here in jeans and a tank and a baseball cap to hide the fact that I’m not wearing makeup and I didn’t want to fix my hair. That’s me!” Clarkson kidded. “It’s hot. That’s probably why I’m single. It’s a hot look.”

Clarkson releases a new album called ‘Stronger’ October 24th.

Check out the full interview below: