Kanye West has been a staple in Cowboy state news since he recorded five albums in Jackson over a six month time frame back in 2018. Ye shocked the world again when he bought two ranches (one in Cody and one near Greybull), last fall, just a week after his wife, Kim Kardashian, did a television interview stating she wanted to move to Wyoming. Since then, Mr. West has officially started calling Cody home, spending the bulk of his time at his West Lake Ranch property and building plants for his Adidas brand Yeezy sneakers.

Television personality, actor, rapper and business mogul, Nick Cannon, posted two video snippets of an upcoming interview with Kanye, filmed in Cody, last night (August 31st, 2020) to his official Instagram account.

Nick and Ye have had a tumultuous relationship (at best), over the years. This stems from that fact that both emcees have been in long term relationships with Kim Kardashian. Of course West is married to her now, but Nick dated her first. That has caused an often publicized beef between the two rappers.

They have appeared to bury the hatchet as Nick asks Ye some deep and hardcore questions.

At one point, after being asked why he's running for president, West boasts that "no one can pay me", with Nick commenting that's he's worth more than current president, Donald Trump.

A quick Google search shows that the Trump's estimated net worth is roughly around 2.1 billion dollars and Kanye is worth an estimated 1.3 billion dollars. However, Ye has stated that those numbers are not accurate, calling out Forbes and stating that he's worth closer to 3.5 billion.

The full interview is set to be released today on Nick's official podcast, CannonsClassTV, sometime today (September 1st, 2020).


Here's part 1 of the full interview:

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