A local Casper woman, Rachel Warner, is a finalist to become a cover girl for Inked Magazine.

Rachel gave us some personal information about herself and why she decided to enter this competition:

Born and raised in Casper Wyoming. Graduated from Natrona County high school. Moved to Portland Oregon after HS where I got my degree in cosmetology. I’ve been doing hair for 17 years. I have 10 yr old twin daughters. I love doing CrossFit, Being a mom and spending time with my close friends and family.

I entered this competition to just put myself out there and I guess just see what could happen. Maybe possibly open a door that could potentially lead to something new or great for my life. I guess you don’t ever really know unless you try. I also wanted to set an example for my daughters and let them know it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be strong. And confidence is beautiful. I encourage them to explore all forms of artistic and self expression in hopes that it will help mold them into amazing women in the future.

You are allotted one free vote per day (two if you subscribe to the Inked Magazine newsletter), with the option to purchase addition votes. There are only two days left to get votes in.

The pictures Rachel entered into the contest were taken by local photographer, Cari Faye.

In addition to being an official Inked cover girl, Rachel would also win $25,000.

Let's help one of our own get this victory!

*At the time this article was written, Rachel was in 12th place*

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