I'm new to Casper. At first I didn't know what to expect from this city. After hearing about the Cole Creak Fire, the stations quickly launched a relief drive for those affected, and I had the pleasure of helping. The results were simply awesome. The community of Casper has such a giving heart. I am so glad to be a part of it.

I was only at the food drive for a little at the start and finish, and we filled every truck we had to the brim with bottled water, canned food, sleeping bags, and toiletries. I'd bet if we would have stayed another hour we could have filled another truck easily. And these trucks were not just grandma's small pickup, but 16-18 foot moving trucks packed with donations. At the last minute a flatbed trailer pulled up with pallets of bottled water. Every station van was packed. It was simply amazing.

Within moments of when I first arrived, a woman pulled up and dropped of some donations. She said she was evacuated but her house was alright. She was clearly affected, and I now wish I could have given her a hug. The donations did not stop. Car after car pulled arrived selflessly giving.

I was standing beside Rodeo Rick and he said, "This is what radio is all about." The station put this together in a moment’s notice to bring people together. Newspapers have to wait till the next printing. Television has to film, edit, and then wait for a broadcast. Radio is in the now. All that said, it really is taking me away from my main point that this is all about the community.

People were walking up with shopping carts full of gifts. Without hesitation the people of Casper rallied together to help those in need. One little girl wanted to give the firemen a drink of her Gatorade. And the donations kept flowing.

Just after closing up one of the trucks, another woman stopped by asking if we needed anything else. She was evacuated and said "my life is in the back of my car." My wife and I were talking while on the drive home saying these donations were for people like that, but still she was still willing to give to others.

Let's face it, this is just the start. All the people evacuated have not been able to return home yet. Some people may face devastating loss. Right now all we can do is pray and hope for the best. I'm sure there will be more help needed in the near future to lend a helping hand.

So from a newbie to Casper and I'm sure I can speak for the station when saying this, Thank You Casper! Thank you for your warm hearts and giving hands. Don't stop being such a wonderful community, and listen up for your next chance to help. It may come from the airwaves. It may come from your neighbor. It may come from the sights and sounds on the street. But don't change Casper. Don’t stop giving.