It was just a couple of boys talking with their mother. The Cole Creek fire took their race trailer with a lot of their hunting gear. What was their reaction? They wanted to help other kids just like them. They didn’t want money. They wanted to help. And they didn’t expect to this to take off like it did.

Tyler, 13, and Landen, 9, decided to collect aluminum cans to be recycled and take the proceeds to replace their gear but also to pay it forward to help others kids like them. Their idea was to focus on the positive. They wanted to remind people it is ok to have fun, and they want to help people get back to normalcy.

It all started with a post on Facebook. Here is what their mother posted: “These are my boys. They are both drag car racers and avid outdoorsman/hunters. After speaking with them about the loss of many of our things, including our race trailer for their cars and all of our duck and geese decoys for the upcoming water fowl hunt season, they have asked me to reach out and ask for help with their "Can Project"... they both have been collecting cans and saving the recycle money for a while now but would now like to turn around and use that money to help themselves and other kids and families out here, like them, that lost some of their hobbies. They would like to collect aluminum cans you might have for recycling.”

The family is humbled by the response they received.

Now they want to expand it to more than just cans, but also collect toys, bikes, fishing poles, hunting gear and other hobby equipment. Tyler and Landen will be at 211 W Collins in Casper this Sunday from 12-4pm to kick off what they are calling “Operation Cole Creek Fun.” They are asking people to bring any aluminum cans to be recycled as well as any child toys/hobby or any other fun things. See the flyer and map below. Please stop by and support these kids doing the right thing.

Operation Cole Creek Fun