We often get caught up in the negative of day to day life. Maybe that's why it's such a pleasant surprise when someone does the right thing. Even better, when it's a prime example of good parenting.

Earlier today (Tuesday, May 27), Alaina Binfet was working at Gear Up when a mother brought her son along with this note.

Alaina Binfet

Alaina recounted the situation:

A woman and her children came into the store today and when I asked them if I could help them find anything, she said "My son has something to talk to you about". I assumed he was selling raffle tickets or popcorn or something when he walks around to the back of the counter and holds up this hand-written note and the buckle that he had taken from the store. He was obviously upset and was trying really hard to hold back tears as he told me he was sorry. I thanked him for returning it and for apologizing and told him that he did the right thing by bringing it back.


Alaina went on to say that she didn't think to get the mother's name, but she hope she gets to see this and how much she appreciated what her and her son did... even if the tiny buckle was only worth 50 cents.

"It's wonderful to see parents making their children take responsibility for their actions. Parenting done right!"


I must say I agree 100%!!! Maybe there is still hope for future generations.