The latest census report shows that more and more people have been moving to the Cowboy State, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Part of the reason Wyoming is so appealing to the masses is how dense are population is. While the Equality State is the tenth largest over all, we have the smallest population of all 50 states. As a matte of fact, both Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico are have a higher population as well.

So what else makes Wyoming so alluring to current residents and outsiders alike? According to a new study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, Wyoming scored pretty decent on their 2022's Best & Worst States to Raise a Family.

Source: WalletHub
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Out of all fifty States, Wyoming was 26th overall. This puts us right in the middle, but we did excel any certain areas. WalletHub explained what metrics were used and the point totals for how each state was ranked. They stated:

Raising a healthy, stable family sometimes requires moving to a new state. The reasons people choose to move are often similar: career transitions, better schools, financial challenges or a general desire to change settings. Wants and needs don’t always align in a particular state, though. For instance, a state might offer a low income-tax rate but have a subpar education system. However, families do not need to make these kinds of tradeoffs. They can avoid such problems by knowing which states offer the best combination of qualities that matter most to parents and their kids. That includes more recent concerns like how well the state is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are Wyoming's individual rankings:

  • Family Fun: 33rd
  • Health & Safety: 16th
  • Education & Child Care: 19th
  • Affordability: 39th
  • Socio-economics: 13th

Wyoming has not ranked well in comparison with other states as far as how we're handling the pandemic either, which also hindered our overall score.

Regardless of the numbers, I personally wouldn't pick anywhere else in the country to call home, especially when it comes to the safety of my children.

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