Poor Cher Lloyd. The sassy British cutie was booed off the stage at the second day (Aug. 19) of the V Festival in her native U.K. over the weekend. Gasp! Boo! Hiss! And we’re not making those noises about Lloyd. We’re making them about the crowd that treated her poorly.

Yahoo! reports that Lloyd, who will drop ‘Sticks & Stones’ in October, cut her set short when she was met with boos. Even worse, the stage was pelted with bottles containing liquids other than water, like a certain yellowish body fluid. Yes, we mean pee. Ew! Poor Cher. How icky. There must not have been a ton of Brats – Lloyd’s affectionate pet name for her fans — in the crowd at this particular show.

Word is that Lloyd was totally crushed by the treatment and was even spotted crying backstage. Other sources say that the waterworks were going on during her set. The ‘Want U Back’ singer returned to the stage and reportedly, said, “It’s hard enough being up here, but it’s not nice having bottles of p— chucked at you.”

What a tacky move on festivalgoers part to chuck bottles at Cher. She’s such a talent and doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

Lloyd recently made her national TV debut in the U.S., performing on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ She was met with cheers and love, not bottles of urine!

Whatever the case, Lloyd will bounce back. She’s a survivor. You can’t sing sassy songs like she does without having a thicker skin than most. Don’t worry! PopCrush loves you, Cher!

Video from the show is below, with awful sound quality. It doesn’t look as bad as the reports, either!

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