The uber adorbs Cher Lloyd, the former British ‘X Factor‘ contestant mentored by Cheryl Cole, stripped down — no, not that way — to perform her sassy, bad girl anthem ‘Want U Back.’ In this acoustic video from her AOL sessions, Lloyd shows off the softer side of her sonic personality.

The original version of the song is upbeat and synthy, in the style of Brit Brit‘s ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ with a little more teeth, more bite and more tattoos, since Lloyd’s arms are sprinkled with lots of ink. But Lloyd has a stronger voice, which is demonstrated in this acoustic rendering.

Lloyd, looking extra cute with her chocolate cherry bob, miles of eyelashes and bling, paired with a denim dress and white kicks, is the epitome of cute street style. While she is known for her swag, tats and sexy attire, she really toned it down here. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that she is delivering the song in a softer way.

She effectively makes a bratty song sound a bit romantic by stripping it down and unplugging. Nice work, lady.

Not too familiar with Lloyd yet? You will be soon. She’s on the verge of breaking big in America.

Watch Cher Lloyd Perform ‘Want U Back’ Acoustic