Chris Brown sings about forbidden love while bringing together rival gangs (and the late singer Aaliyah) in his new video for the track 'Don't Think They Know.'

In the beginning of the video, Brown quotes himself (but wants to be known by the name Christopher) saying: "Unity is what we are afraid of so fear is insanity, lets love each other." [Sic]. His quote is missing some grammatical punctuation and it doesn't really make sense, but he's claiming that he solved the riff between rival Los Angeles Crip and Blood gangs, so that makes everything OK, right? (Keep in mind this is a kid from Virginia, too.)

But, the black-and-white video -- filled with red accents and imagery in the beginning -- isn't just about Breezy, as a group of kids make an appearance later on, as well as Aaliyah. The late singer is in the form of a hologram, and is featured either side of Breezy as he performs his solo dance number.

We love the message in the R&B track... but if someone can explain what Los Angeles gangs have to do with a forbidden love song or Aaliyah, then please let us know.