There's a certain risk that comes with essentially being a professional Internet troll: People are going to get mad at you. And when people with devoted, rabid fan bases get mad at you, it's a much higher risk.

It looks like Jenny Johnson learned that lesson the hard way this week when Chris Brown's beloved, if often misguided, Team Breezy went in on her, with many of them taking it way too far.

Billboard reports that Team Breezy actually threatened Johnson's life following her Twitter war with Brown. Before we get into the fans' reactions, some backstory: Johnson started with Brown, posting an unprovoked reply to an innocuous tweet he posted about how old he looked in a photo. Her message? "I know! Being a worthless piece of s— can really age a person.” (It can be argued that if you're only known for starting drama on the Internet, Johnson herself may want to buy some stock in Olay.)

Of course, had Brown's anger management classes paid off, he would have rolled his eyes and ignored the taunt. But it looks like they didn't, because the notorious hothead proceeded to engage in a misogynist, scatological exchange with Johnson -- who, a bit late to the party, took it upon herself to send him a link to an article about his 2009 assault on Rihanna -- before deleting his Twitter account entirely.

The immaturity and self-victimization didn't lie just with Johnson and Brown, as his fans were quick to pile on the questionably humorous humor writer. Some particularly shiny nuggets: "Do u wanna know what im gonna do now ? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter," "Stfu b---- honestly, i wanna sit on your face and stab 1235 needles in your eyeball, you son of a motherless goat. #bushpig" and "super mad right now if i see that jenny johnson i'll stab her to death."

Johnson tweeted about the death threats she received (almost all of which are too graphic, detailed and profane to even repeat here), writing, "It's alarming how many death threats I'm receiving via @ replies. I encourage everyone, including @Twitter to look through them. Not cool."

Harassing anyone online isn't cool, and threatening anyone online is even less cool -- and often illegal, depending on the text, the state and how litigious the victim is. While Brown was wrong to retaliate against Johnson's trolling (which dated back a good few years) -- and while he was also absolutely wrong to assault Rihanna in the first place, making him one of the easiest targets for online criticism -- it's worth noting that Johnson started this feud, and it isn't her first. Kim Kardashian previously blocked Johnson following her own barrage of unprovoked harassment, which included Instagram shots of stills from her sex tape.

Perhaps Breezy will use that block button against Johnson again if and when he returns to Twitter to prevent any messes like this from happening again. And perhaps Team Breezy members will learn that what you put on the Internet is there forever -- and rethink death threats in case they're applying for a job someday.

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