Ever wonder what it was like when Chris Brown's lady loves, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, met? That was probably a Hindenburg-like encounter, right? Claws bared, hair being pulled, catfight-style? No way.

Turns out the singer's women were surprisingly cordial to one another in that "Hello, awkward!" situation. RiRi and Tran were both on hand at a yacht party in Cannes last year, and it had Breezy shaking in his Air Jordans for a hot second.

Brown and Tran were dating at the time, but he was slowly but surely Ri-uniting with RiRi by recording with her. One thing led to another and Tran was the odd (wo)man out.

Brown recalled the series of events that culminated in the RiRi-Tran face-to-face meeting. "One time I was overseas in Cannes," he told DJ Sway. "I had a girlfriend but I was still talking to Rihanna… a party on this big boat and my girl was there, and maybe 15 minutes later, Rihanna showed up."

Brown could have been man overboard, since he was trapped and diving into the water was probably the only way out of this uncomfortable sitch. But he didn't need to exact such extreme measures, as his ladies displayed serious class.

He finished, "But I’m on the boat like, 'Oh, s---, what am I gonna do right now?' But you know what? They were cool. They spoke to each other and I was like, 'Woah.' I was just like, 'Please, please, please,' but honestly that was the first time I can say I knew they loved me because they were classy."

Or maybe they just didn't want to make a scene on a boat?

Breezy is still in contact with Tran, but only for friendly and professional purposes -- both are involved in his clothing line Black Pyramid and, well, he's now with Rihanna, and you don't engage in no shady bidness with other women when you're with her!

"We’re cool man," Brown said about Tran. "I wish it could be better because of obvious reasons, but I think it’s better to see her happy and successful… She still does the clothing line with me, so it’s still a camaraderie between us."

Those are some first world problems, Breezy.

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