Yikes! Things got scary for Chris Brown yesterday (May 6), as a private jet on which the singer was traveling had to make an emergency landing in Burbank, Calif. due to the fact that the cockpit had filled with smoke. That's beyond terrifying.

Thankfully, everyone is okay, but it got scary for a sec as the Gulfstream 3 malfunctioned.

Breezy was on his way from Cali to Teterboro in New Jersey, just outside of NYC. He was planning to get dressed up and attend the buzzed-about Met Gala last night. Turns out nothing, not even a smoke-filled plane, was going to stop him from attempting to make his appointed rounds, but more on that in a sec.

The "doomed" flight was about seven minutes deep when smoke began to fill the aircraft. A source told TMZ that "it was A LOT of smoke ... everywhere."

The pilot ditched the original flight plan and returned to Burbank safely. While the passengers were freaking out, the pilot remained steady and calm.

The Met Gala was clearly a priority for Breezy, since he boarded another private vessel an hour later to head to NYC so he could attend. He eventually landed on the East Coast, but not in time to make the actual event. It was not meant to be.

The newly single singer did, however, attend the parties that took place after. He may not be wife-ing up, but be he is focused on being seen at A-list events. More power to him for being brave enough to fly immediately after being on a problem plane.

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