Today is Cinco de Mayo . . . a perfect excuse to get wasted and make immature choices.  Still, if you need to be a tad more discreet about stuff, we got four date ideas that are perfect for this holiday.

#1.)  Dinner and a Movie.  Have an authentic dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant or a tapas lounge.  Soon following, catch a Spanish movie like "Y Tu Mama Tambien" and share a bottle of wine.

Edsel L, Flickr

#2.)  Learn the Language.  Spanish is a romance language, so teach each other some seductive phrases.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

#3.)  Hit the Dance Floor.  If learning a language isn't your thing, learn some Spanish dance moves and hit a place where you can do some salsa dancing.

Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

#4.)  Throw a Fiesta.  Okay fine . . . get hammered.  But don't do it at a lame local bar that just threw up a bunch of dirty Corona banners from last year.

Handout, Getty Images

--Host your OWN party, complete with a Mexican-style potluck dinner, and plenty of real tequila and some cervezas OTHER than Corona.