While we eagerly await the premiere of 'Community' season 4 on February 7, it's hard not to still feel the sting of 'Animal Practice's untimely cancellation, and subsequent replacement with the second season of 'Whitney' rather than the promised return of the Greendale gang.  'Community' even poked a bit of fun at NBC's now-cancelled Justin Kirk-fronted "monkey doctor" comedy in one of its recent videos, but has there been a 'Community' / 'Animal Practice' love-fest all along?  Is a cross-over imminent in 'Community' season 4?  Shocking reveals inside!

'Community' fans know Abed Nadir to be something of an inspector of space and time, one who transcends the bonds of NBC's underrated, but critically-adored gem, even appearing in the background of ABC's 'Cougar Town' as the character once described in his own show. As 'Community' prepares its fourth season for debut on February 7, that series-hopping synergy may have infected one of NBC's own, as well.

Via Warming Glow, we've learned that fans have spotted actor Danny Pudi in the background of an episode of 'Animal Practice,' stealing a bit of focus as his 'Community' character tends to do.  Seeing how Pudi's 'Cougar Town' appearance was predated by a season 2 'Community' episode that featured his character describing an anecdote of cameoing in the ABC series, could a similar 'Animal Practice' anecdote be in store for for the delayed fourth season of 'Community?'

Fans of either series will note that 'Animal Practice's simian star Crystal the monkey occasionally appears as "Annie's Boobs" of 'Community,' so it remains to be seen which side of the cross-over is intended as meta.  'Animal Practice' director and EP Joe Russo previously worked on 'Community,' as well, though any attempt at a timely interaction between the two series was squandered both by 'Animal Practice's cancellation, and 'Community's delay.

Check out Danny Pudi (or Abed)'s appearance on 'Animal Practice' below, and stay tuned for more 'Community' season 4 news!