This totally sounds like something that ended up on the cutting room floor when they were editing one of those Police Academy movies.

Cops in Shoshoni, Wyoming were called to look into a HOARDER OF CATS. The man was blind and apparently had a massive amount of cats.

But see, neighbors griped this his home always smelled like cat urine, so the chief of police and another cop went to investigate.

But the blind man wanted nothing to do with it, and proceed to cuss out the cops. So the chief whipped out his TASER. Problem was, he didn't know how to operate it...and tased HIMSELF in the process.

The chief fired the Taser once again, and zapped his partner in the FOREHEAD. Last but not lease, he managed to Tase the blind man two times. The blind man was arrested for interference with an officer, but the court dropped the charge.

The blind man sued because he claimed the tasing made him even more blind. Mmmhmm. Couldn't make this up if we tried.



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