"Kids do the darnest things" has been a slogan for quite some time. Maybe that's why signs like these need to be posted in a high school.

Located at the Security Staff Office in the Natrona County High School, two hilarious signs are posted. One says "Dab-Free Zone", while the other reads "Bottle-Toss Free Zone".

If you're over the age of 30, you may be unfamiliar with both of these internet phenomenons. The Dab is a dance made popular by Hip-Hop group Migos (see: below).

The Bottle-Toss Game (or Bottle-Flipping) is a usually a short video, usually found on Instagram and formerly on Vine, where a person flips a bottle behind their back and when successfully executed, said bottle lands flat on its bottom.

While we see how the signs are meant partially in jest, as a parent (the above video is my eldest), I can see how the need for these signs is real.

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