Dads teach us so many of those life lessons that shape us into the people we are today. What SHOULD dads teach their sons? What are the essential lessons of life that dads should teach their kids?

Here are a few things I could think of:

  • tie a tie
  • change oil and tires
  • budget and balance a checkbook
  • treat women well
  • a solid handshake
  • a healthy respect for guns
  • basic mechanics -- "lefty loosey, tighty righty"
  • what to do when stopped by a cop
  • how to calculate a tip
  • how to calm an angry person down
  • how to drive safely
  • save money
  • how to identify and avoid crazy women
  • make sure to vote
  • when you're doing dirty work, like dumping a girlfriend or firing an employee, do it in person -- like a man

What is the most important lesson your father ever taught you?