Just a week before Christmas, a garage fire displaced a Bar Nunn family and completely destroyed their car.

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That's according to Bar Nunn Fire Chief Robert Hoover.

"The Bar Nunn Fire Department received report that a structure fire was ongoing," Hoover told K2 Radio News. "Upon arrival, we went through and got an initial knockdown on the fire in the garage. We kept it from going into the house. We did lose a vehicle in the garage. We got pretty heavy damage in the garage. And a little bit of smoke damage inside the house. But no injuries or fatalities or anything like that."

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Though there were no injuries and the fire was contained to the garage, the family was temporarily displaced.

"Our Victim Services Unit is working closely with the family to ensure the get resources and help available to them," Natrona County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kiera Grogan stated.

Other resources have been offered to the family as well.

The neighbors of the family have created a GoFundMe in order to raise some money for the family to help with lodging, repairs, and more after the fire.

"Hi, we are the neighbors of the very special Malone family who had a house fire on December 18 in Bar Nunn from unknown cause," Jamie Kiracofe wrote. "Their garage was engulfed and they lost 2 vehicles and everything in their garage one week before Christmas. Thankfully no one was hurt, including their pet. They have two children who were devastated to be displaced from their home until repairs can be made. This family would give anyone the shirt off their back, and has blessed our lives. Any donation is helpful to replace beloved bicycles, tools, and to give them a merry Christmas! Thank you so much for considering. God bless."

The GoFundMe has a goal of $2,500 and $2,145 have already been raised.

Pictures of the fire can be seen below:

Garage Fire Displaces Bar Nunn Family

A garage fire temporarily displaced a Bar Nunn family, though there were no injuries.

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