Demi Lovato won't be 21 years old for another couple months (Aug. 20 to be exact), but it sounds as if she won't be spending it like most other American kids. So what does she want for her big birthday? A lifesized Barbie, of course!

It's now common knowledge that Barbie isn't exactly the most anatomically correct doll. It was discovered that if Barbie were a real person, her body wouldn't be big enough to even hold up her head. So, why not make her more realistic? Mattel can start with Demi's plan of throwing in some cellulite here or there -- couldn't hurt!

We have to imagine that turning 21 is a bit more of a hairy situation for Demi Lovato. After her stint in rehab a couple years back, Lovato won't exactly be rounding up her besties and heading out to a club wearing a bright pink 'Buy me a shot, I'm 21!!!' sash. But everyone needs to celebrate their big birthday in a big way and if that includes a Barbie for the pop songstress, then who are we to criticize?

It would be fitting for Lovato to simultaneously mark a big milestone in her life while bringing up an issue close to her heart -- body image. Props to Demi as usual!