There are very few feelings better than the one you get when you help your fellow man.  Witnessing others helping also gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside.  These "pranksters" did just that, for no reason at all.  Seeing random acts of kindness like this definitely restores my faith in humanity.

These three normal looking dudes apparently are somewhat famous on the internet for pulling fun harmless pranks.  The "prank" in the video didn't seem much like a prank at all, rather it was just kindness.  I guess the pizza place that delivered the food got pranked, but  no harm was done and the an awesome gesture was the outcome.  This kind of thing happens all the time, all around the country.  Most of the time no credit is ever claimed for these acts of kindness.  So I am giving a big virtual high five to anyone who has ever helped out another in need.  HIGH FIVE!

Just so we are clear, i never actually lost my " faith in humanity".  Although at times, that faith can be worn down pretty thin.  The expression just seemed very fitting for this story.  Have you ever committed a random act of kindness?  If so, share your story in the comment section, it might end up becoming an article.