Demi Lovato is proving to be a hair chameleon on the level of Katy Perry, who swaps lengths, colors and cuts with increasing frequency. The ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ singer and new ‘X Factor‘ judge isn’t afraid to take risks with her hair and try new colors and styles and she recently debuted blunt bangs via Twitter.

Lovato, who recently rocked blue-green dip-dyed ends, shared the pic of her new coif on Twitter, posting: “Guess what’s back, back, back, back again….. BANGS are back, back, back tell your friends….”

We guess Lovato is trying to start a trend among her precious Lovatics and beyond. Bangs are indeed popular this fall, and we saw ‘em all over the runways and in beauty magazines, and who else is better to popularize the style than the fashion forward Lovato?

Lovato’s fringe is blonde, blunt cut and heavy, skimming her eyebrows. They don’t look like clip-ins to us, although that’s entirely possible, since starlets like her have a glam squad in their employ, all with access to coveted items like authentic-looking extensions.

Whatever’s the case, Lovato looks cute with face-framing bangs. It’s a good style for her. We hope she keeps it.

Lovato is really turning into quite a fashionista and she is only 20. Her looks are hip, hot and trend-setting. We predict a nation of Lovatics hit the hairdresser to chop bangs into their locks, since whatever Demi says goes.

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