Twihards, maybe you can finally snuff out those funeral pyres. Seems Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are speaking again, which has set the tabloidsphere (it's a word because we say it is) ablaze with chatter that the two could be getting back together.

The couple split in messy fashion earlier this summer after Stewart was caught sucking face with her married 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director. But now both EOnline and PEOPLE are reporting that maybe they're trying to sort things out.

Stewart and Pattinson apparently had a sit-down in Los Angeles last weekend. A PEOPLE insider says that while Pattinson was "heartbroken" over the indiscretion, the source "thinks they'll be a couple again."

Meanwhile, EOnline's tattletales say "they are definitely talking" and have met up at "two different locations."

No word from either star's camp on whether this means an actual reconciliation is in the works, but Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the endless string of 'Twilight' films, is probably thrilled either way. All this buzz is great press for the final installment of the saga, which hits theaters in November.

As for us, we're thinking maybe Pattinson just missed his ex's armpits.