Demi Lovato has never been afraid to speak her mind, and now she’s encouraging her fans to do the same. The singer is part of a petition to repeal the ‘R’ rating on the movie ‘Bully.’Lovato took to Twitter to support the campaign, originally started by Michigan high school student Katy Butler. Hollywood Life reported that Butler’s petition was 15,000 short of its 200,000 signature goal as of press time, a goal that Lovato is determined to bring to fruition.

The ‘R’ rating prevents the film from reaching its target audience of middle and high school students. The film examines students across the United States and their struggles with harassment from their peers, as well as suicide victims who succumbed to their torment.

This isn’t the first time Lovato’s spoken out against insensitive or unjust actions from the media. In December, the ‘Skyscraper’ singer lashed out at Disney for joking about eating disorders on an episode of ‘Shake It Up.’

The anti-bullying movement is a cause close to Lovato’s heart. She’s performed at anti-bullying rallies and spoken out against bullying numerous times, claiming she was bullied herself in school — though some swear that it was actually Lovato who was a bully. In any case, whether her motive is retribution or empathy, we’re glad to see her taking a stand.

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