Doctors are some of the creepiest dudes around. We know they do all this good crap for people, but think about it-- does the good ol' doc really need to be touching our junk for that long during a prostate exam? Is he genuinely worried about that slight pain we've been feeling in our butt? Unfortunately, there are very few times a doctor's weird antics are questioned. That is, until now.

The crime has a simple setup: A shady guy in Florida had been lying about being a legit dentist. Even though John Collazos doesn't have a dental license, he's raking in business for the past few years, mostly offering his services to the immigrant population. Apparently patients didn't find his 'office'-- an apartment with some dental equipment thrown in there -- suspicious, so it wasn't until Collazos started making sexual advances that his behavior caught anyone's attention.

Basically, while treating a female patient for a toothache, he injected her with a rear end shot and then proceeded to make out with her butt. Well that's awkward.

We're not entirely sure how the patient got out of that situation, but Collazos has been charged with 'practicing dental hygeine without a license.' That's putting it mildly.