Rihanna is having a hard time lately. First she gets sick enough to be hooked up to an IV, then her ex Chris Brown releases what many have speculated to be a diss track about her. As if that weren’t enough, now hip-hop fans suspect that her former maybe-flame Drake may have followed Breezy’s lead and talked smack about the ‘Where Have You Been’ singer in a new song with 2 Chainz.

The song, ‘No Lie,’ is garnering more attention for this new controversy than for its artistry or the fact that two of hip-hop’s biggest names spit rhymes on it. Indeed, it seems strange that Drake would go after Rihanna, with whom he’s collaborated and remained friendly with since whatever romantic link they had fizzled out. It’s sort of like kicking her when she’s down — that is, if it’s true. The lyrics do appear to point in her direction because of the ‘What’s My Name’ references he drops:

She came through, she brought food / She got f—ed, she knew wassup / She think I’m the realest out / And I say ‘Damn, that makes two of us’ / Oh that look like what’s her name / Chances are it is what’s her name / Chances are, if she was acting up / Then I f—ed her once and never f—ed again / She could have a Grammy, I still treat that a– like a nominee / Just need to know what that p—- like so one time, it’s fine with me.

RiRi is the only Grammy-nominated or winning artist that Drizzy has been rumored to have been involved with, so that points another dagger in her direction. What happened to the camaraderie they shared on ‘Take Care?’

We’re not sure whether Drizzy’s verse is actually directed at the ‘Battleship’ starlet. Perhaps time — and Twitter — will tell.

Listen to 2 Chainz Feat. Drake, ‘No Lie’