Even though the news that Disney and 'Star Wars' are joining forces is totally awesome, we do have to realize it'll take a little getting used to on both ends to ensure a smooth transition.We already know Darth Vader has been adapting to Disney World just fine, but what about Princess Leia? She's had to deal with men and spaceships and the Dark Lord her entire life, so it's no surprise she's a little lost as to how one behaves in the Magic Kingdom. Luckily, Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Cinderella are expert advice-givers (see: how to be cool), so Princess Leia is in good hands.

The girls offer very helpful advice to the newbie, like being dramatic whenever possible and shedding a tear or two until a prince can save your sorry behind.

This sweet Disney welcome is also pretty revealing for the other princesses. Looks like Belle is calling dibs on the Wookie because she likes hairy men! Scandal!