Mother's Day always seems to get the glamour and glitz (and that's probably because the women have to carry us around for nine months and endure the pain of childbirth), but Father's Day seems to be International Crappy Tie Day or You're-Lucky-I-Said-I-Love-You-Today-Day.

Maybe that's why Atlanta disc jockey, DJ LV dedicated an entire video to all the fathers of the world. The video is a collage of proud fathers and their children with a few funny skits (like a spot on impression of President Obama) and an awesome remake/cover of Pharrell Williams' hit from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, Happy.

It's motivating to see someone going against the stereotype, which DJ LV also touched on in the song. And if you need further motivation to watch this video, his Daddy Dance at the end is priceless.


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