It is no secret that the mothers get more love in our society, and rightfully so. They carry the babies for nine months, they also have to go through the pain of labor, and that's just off the top of the head.

So it's no surprise Mother's Day is the bigger holiday and generally speaking, moms usually get better gifts.

Does this mean the dads get left out?

I have a theory about this. Of course we paternal units don't get left out. We have Father's Day. But when it comes to the whole "getting gifts from our children" thing, in my opinion (as a father myself), ultimately, I think we care just a little bit less.

Having spoken to quite a few of my fellow fathers, both friends and family, we came to an interesting conclusion and that it is: anything we really want, we normally buy for ourselves. We also don't tend to wait for a holiday or special occasion to do it.

Men are more likely to be impulse buyers.

According to a 2019 study conducted by CNBC, men are way more likely to impulse buy, especially when it comes to purchases of $100 or more.

So what should children buy for their fathers?

Here's a little secret: they don't need to buy anything. Some of the best and most memorable gifts I ever received were homemade/handmade. Yes, that is correct. We dads like homemade gifts too.

Anytime one of my kiddos put the time and thought into making me something, based off things they new I liked, it meant so much more to me. I treasure those types of things and often show them off to my friends and coworkers.

Here's a very good and recent example. For my birthday last month (October 2022), my 14-year old daughter, Mercedes, knows I'm a fan of pickles, Claussen brand pickles to be exact. My favorite kind was the hot and spicy ones that they no longer make. My daughter remembered that, so for my birthday, she enlisted some assistance from her grandmother and made me four different batches of spicy homemade pickles!

Homemade Pickles
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I will admit, as a grown man, I had to hold back tears. It was a very thought out gift and because she actually remembered how much I love pickles, it is on my list of favorite presents I've ever received from one of my children (and also they taste delicious).

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So to answer the question, do Casper dads get the shaft when it comes to gifts, I must humbly answer, no... we do not. But even if we did, the love from our kiddos is enough to get us by anyway.


A happy Casper dad!

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