If you've recently put in "Facebook Jail" or ever had your Instagram account taken down, you know how frustrating it can be. It takes time to amass followers and no one wants to have to have repost every piece content you've ever made.

Unfortunately, if you have ever transgressed against certain social media accounts policies, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

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In the past decade or so, I have done a decent job at keeping my social media accounts pretty PG-13. However, I've had my Facebook page darn since it rolled out. Because of that, whenever things come up in my memories that aren't necessarily rated "E" for everyone, I delete said content, so it will never be seen again. With the exception of a couple of minor slip-ups here and there (usually a slightly off-colored meme), one would find it hard to throw me in Facebook jail. However, I have found myself behind the digital clink on a few different occasions.

Now I do realize, whether it's Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook or Instagram, they are all privately owned companies, so the freedom of speech argument can't technically be used here. I have no problem with that. My issue however is the lack of a "statute of limitations", which is to say, your account can be suspended (indefinitely in some cases), for something you posted years ago.

Again, I understand that these social media companies are privately owned, but at some point they should update their terms and conditions. Yes, we all agreed to the rules when we signed up, but most just clicked through them without even reading them, and if you're a weirdo like me, you only understood part of it anyway because it was all written in "lawyer speak".

I take no issue with folks being "jailed" for bullying, racists remarks, gay bashing, sexually explicit content or anything that falls into those categories, but again, banning someone over something semi-insensitive typed 10 years, that could very well be taken out of context, just seems wrong. Banning a person for what is done now, perfectly acceptable, but where is the line drawn?

Cancel culture has taken over the world, which also makes us hard to entertain (in my opinion), but if social media keeps trying to silence us for past perceived transgressions, who knows what's next.

So please, oh great and powerful social media overseers, find a better way to penalize people for old posts and/or make it clearer what types of things are considered offensive. I'm guessing the latter will be more difficult to define in this day and age were it seems everyone is offended by something.

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