I don't want to be "that guy", but it seems like in the last couple of years, Casper drivers have gotten worse.

Maybe that's the wrong choice of words. I think a more accurate adjective would be "inconsiderate". I'm pretty sure I first noticed it when things got back to normal after the pandemic lockdown. Now that it's been over a year, I think it's more than just cabin fever. It's just (some) folks really are that thoughtless.

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Since things are starting to get back to normal after our recent recording breaking snowfall, (a.k.a. Snowmageddon 2), what I noticed many times on our local main streets today was people not giving each other space on the four-lane roads. For instance, as I was going up and down 2nd Street, which is fairly clear, at some points, it's barely enough space for two vehicles. That being said, the vehicles in the furthest lane from the snow drifts weren't giving the other drivers even an inch of leeway!

I will admit, I don't know what the city, county or state law is on this, but I always assumed it was common courtesy to not run our fellow Casperites into the ginormous, frozen solid, snow drifts... especially if they're in smaller vehicles!

A lot of those times, I observed it was the bigger trucks and SUVs that were the most guilty of this, but there were plenty of mid-size sedans and crossovers that were just as selfish.

We all have to share these roads, in the good weather and bad. Also, everyone's time is equally important. The couple of seconds (or less), that it takes to let someone over and/or give them a couple of inches of extra space won't kill anyone.

Let's get back to that Casper neighborly kindness that we are so well known for.

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