There are several of different TikTok challenges that have gone viral, so being the brave, if not insane, person that I am, sometimes you just have to try things out for yourself.

One of the latest to go viral is the Knee Challenge. It basically consists of four steps:

  • Kneel on all fours
  • Props your face on your hands with your elbows on the ground
  • Put your arms behind your back
  • Attempt to sit up without using your arms

Sounds easy, right? For the ladies it is. For the men, not so much.

In the top video, I tried numerous times and failed each one, while my female co-workers pulled it off with relative ease. Later on the same day (and off camera), my boss got in on the action. It's worth noting that he is male, but he was able to pull it off. After seeing his success, I gave it another go and was successful, but it was still very difficult.

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If you are thinking about giving it try and you are male, I definitely say go for it! Here's a word of caution for you though... pillow! Make sure you have one under or close to your face for safety. I tried to be hardcore and ignore the warnings from my female co-workers who had already seen numerous men fail at the challenge online. I definitely should have used a pillow or blanket (or anything soft really), to break my numerous faceplants.

Make sure to let us know if you're successful or not by dropping us a message using that 104.7 Kiss FM Mobile App.

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