It's an age old debate that has started many fights, but the question has always been: who's responsibility should it be to lift or lower the toilet seat?

Society will always says it's the man's job to lower the seat after he's finished, but men have been arguing since day one that it is just as easy to lower it as it was to lift.

While I agree with this mode of thinking, the germaphobe in me, the fact that I was raised by women and the fact that I have little boys with very bad aim, insists that the male should always be the responsible party.

It is a proven fact that you should shut the lid before flushing anyway, why not make it a habit?

All in all, it really is a personal preference, but if you live with a woman, I can tell you from personal experience, you always want her to be happy. So just put it down, fellas.

Still, we want to know what the masses think, so the question is:

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