No matter where you're from, people from other towns will always have a 'not so pleasant' nickname for your town. As rivalries heat up, the names start flying and sometimes they stick. I grew up in a farming town named Jerseyville and the kids from our rival schools would just call us Jersey Cow Town. Most of the names are harmless, but can be just enough to get ya fired up.

When we asked Wyomingites to share some of the nicknames they'd heard for towns in Wyoming, we weren't disappointed. Some weren't appropriate for younger eyes and would make my mother blush, but others were just what we were looking for.

We talked not long ago about naming your kids, you should always think ahead of how the name you choose can be used against your kid in school. If the name rhymes with something "not nice", at some point down the line, they'll be called that. The interesting part with nicknames is, if they're catchy enough, others will start to use them. I've known people most of my life and didn't know the name everyone called them as an actual nickname. Same goes for the naming of towns.

If someone has a bad experience in a certain town, the worse the name will be. If the town name is easy to rhyme with something unpleasant, more than likely it will be used.

As I said, some of the town nicknames couldn't be said in Church on Sunday, so we left those off the list. I'm not saying WE use these town nicknames, but others use them often.

Take a look at the list and tell us which ones you've heard (or used) when referencing the town.

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