Have you, your child or your vehicle ever been attacked or violated, in anyway, by the wild fouls that occupy our great city? I know I have.

The Thomas Gobbles Gang has been known to stop traffic and peck at cars for years, especially around the Casper College area (although back in 2019, another gang of gobblers did set up shop in Mills). Recently though, some friends and family members that work and/or attend the college have noticed the geese are getting a lot more brave as well. Matter of fact, their numbers have been multiplying over the last couple of weeks.

Is this a new bird gang? Will there be an all out foul war over the territory soon?

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I must admit, at first glance, I thought the geese were ducks. It took a close family friend correcting me (which she found out through someone else on Facebook), that the birds are in fact Canadian Geese. They seem to be less confrontation than the wild turkeys, but have still been known to chase the occasional college student.

So the question is:

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