If you have never been terrorized by Thomas Gobbles and the Gobbles Gang, count yourself lucky. The wild turkeys (in my humble opinion), have become more violent and aggressive as of late. It also appears that some members have recently migrated to the Mills area.

The above photo was taken by Barbara Miles, via her Twitter account TOXICBARBIE, in Mills at the intersection of 5th and Platte Street.

Up until recently, I hadn't encountered the latest incarnation of the Gobbles Gang. However, a few weeks ago, heading towards Sunrise Shopping Center, just passed Casper College, my own vehicle has been surrounded and attacked by these fowl feathered freaks. In addition to stopping traffic for over five minutes, the gang repeated pecked at numerous vehicles in their path.

Something may need to be done soon to stop this new menace. Maybe we need a new police team, something like the GTF (Gobbles Task Force).

Yes... we think that has a nice ring to it.

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